Sun Frost refrigerators are the most energy-efficient upright refrigerators available. They keep food fresher
longer by maintaining high humidity, which prevents freezer burn and wilting caused by water loss in food.
Defrosting is seldom needed: frost buildup is extremely slow because water vapor in the refrigerator section
from moist room air or food is not transformed into ice. When defrosting is needed, usually once or twice a
year, just transfer frozen food to the refrigerator section and turn it off for 30 minutes. Ice quickly falls off the
smooth flat surfaces in large pieces. The Sun Frost refrigerator comes finished on the outside with white
laminate, but it can be ordered in natural wood or any of over 100 colors or shades of Formica or Nevamar
to match kitchen decor. The spacious, well-lit interior, made from sturdy fiberglass reinforced plastic, is easy to
clean. There are no exposed ducts, tubing or hard to reach corners. All of the shelves are adjustable. The
Sun Frost refrigerator should provide well over 15 years of trouble-free operation. The only moving part is a
hermetically sealed compressor. The brushless motor used in the DC models eliminates periodic servicing.
Low-voltage DC models: Energy use listed in the specifications is for 12 VDC. On 24 VDC systems the same
amount of energy is used (half as many amp-hours per day).

When ordering, please specify whether you want the hinge on the left or right. If a color is not specified, the
Sun Frost comes in white Formica. (For a different color or a natural wood veneer, add $150.) Sun Frost
refrigerators are also available without a finish, with unfinished birch plywood, ready for custom covering by
your cabinetmaker. Prices include crating charge. Sun Frost refrigerators are shipped by truck freight. All Sun
Frost refrigerators are custom made so delivery times will vary. Call for exact lead time. 2-year warranty.
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    The Sun Frost RF19: Refrigerartor & Freezer Combo.
    One compartment is a refrigerator and the other a
    freezer. Often eliminates the need to buy a separate
    freezer. Uses two quiet and highly efficient fans to
    cool the exterior cooling coils.

    Available for 12VDC, 24VDC or 120VAC Applications

    Optionas: Can be ordered with the freezer on the top
    or on the bottom.

    specifications click here
Combo RF19

Refrigerator Only

Freezer Only
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    The Sun Frost RF16: Dual Compartment Refrigerator,
    independently controlled.

    RF16 is an extremely efficient full-size refrigerator. It
    has two independent cooling systems and
    temperature controls. In fact, one compartment may
    be left running while the other is shut off. The
    uniquely designed cooling coils on the outside of the
    Sun Frost do not require fans. The Sun Frost RF16
    may be mounted on a 13-inch high cabinet for
    maximum convenience

    specifications click here
Refrigerator Freezer
Combo RF16
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    Sun Frost RF12 shown with 24" Cabinet

    The Sun Frost RF12 is a single compressor
    refrigerator freezer with a passive (no fans) cooling
    system. For convenience it is typically mounted on a
    24" high cabinet. The matching cabinet made by Sun
    Frost has two large side-by-side drawers.

Refrigerator Freezer
Combo RF12
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    Sun Frost R10 and F10
    The Sun Frost R10 and F10 are the same width &
    depth as our larger models but are shorter, and for
    maximum convenience would require a higher base
    cabinet. The R10 is a refrigerator-only unit and the
    F10 is a freezer-only unit.

Refrigerator Only

Freezer Only
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    Sun Frost RF4, R4, and F4

    The Sun Frost RF4, R4, and F4 are our smallest
    refrigerators and freezers. Like the R10 and F10, they
    have the same width and depth as the larger units.
    The RF4 consists of a refrigerator with an ice tray
    freezer section. The R4 is a refrigerator-only unit, and
    the F4 is a freezer-only unit. For convenience, these
    units would require a higher base cabinet, or they
    could be placed on a countertop. Our 4 cubic foot
    models are also ideal for use in bus conversions,
    boats and RVs.

Refrigerator Freezer
Combo RF4

Refrigerator Only

Freezer Only
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    Sun Frost RFVB
    The Sun Frost RFVB is a vaccine storage refrigerator
    used primarily in developing countries.

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